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Professional Hair Extensions / Weave - Beltsville, MD

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, we now offer Dominican Blow Outs, for only $29.99!


Stunning Hair Weave Installed Professionally

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to effortlessly have a different look for your hair for every day of the week or even different times of the day? Suppose you have a presentation to give for some higher ups at work during the day and are going clubbing with friends in the evening. Or perhaps you have a job interview and need an extra dose of confidence. Hair extensions are a way of adjusting your look to fit a variety of situations regardless of your hair’s natural state. We have been providing expert service in this area as well as a wide range of other hair and makeup work in Beltsville, Maryland and beyond for more than a dozen years.

Extensions are a way of trying out different styles and/or experimenting with changes in your overall appearance. They enable those whose own hair may be thin or thinning to enjoy the benefits of longer, thicker hair. Even if you are perfectly happy with the way your hair looks extensions give you the freedom to try out a variety of different styles at no risk to your current one.

We can easily service your other hair care needs as well. All of our staff is experienced and well trained; and whether you want your hair cut, styled, curled or straightened we will get it done and leave you looking fantastic without breaking the bank. Since we’ve been in business we have striven to be part of the larger Beltsville community as well – hosting back to school BBQs and providing free annual hair care services to nursing homes are just two of our initiatives in this regard.

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